Improving Outcomes.

Saving Money.

We help hospitals & health systems prioritize high-quality care, patient safety, and clinical excellence. ZeaHub- our patient-centered outcomes-based platform- enables organizations to standardize care and improve patient outcomes.



Disrupt & innovate the healthcare ecosystem to reduce unwarranted care variation, provide high-quality, low-cost care with total transparency.



To be the platform of choice for value-based care, population health management, and all healthcare organizations across the United States.



Innovation, Transparency, Health Equity, Collaboration, Empathy, Customer-success.


Value-Based Care
Healthcare Consulting


We guide hospitals & health systems to build a successful co-management system. Besides providing the solution, we also help implement the program effectively.

Value-Based Care

We help standardize care across disciplines & reduce clinical variation. Besides, we help them avoid value-based care penalties by reducing readmissions & hospital-acquired conditions.


HealthCare Consulting

Our healthcare consulting services include the development of service lines, digital transformation, AI/ML development, Big data & analytics, & consulting for Graduate Medical Education.

Why ZeaHub?

Our Founder and CEO, Dr. Chandra Bondugula, led the multiple process improvement programs in a community hospital. While running the agenda, he faced some pain points like inconsistent communication, more reliance on paperwork and excel sheets, inefficient coordination, and lost email messages. So, he wanted to find a solution using advanced technology.

ZeaHub is the outcome of his first-hand experience running and managing these programs. ZeaHub creates accountability & compliance for all the program members and improves the overall experience.

His vision is to create a platform where healthcare organizations can create, manage programs, communicate, and optimize overall performance. He wishes to help rural and semi-urban hospitals improve operations without investing in expensive resources & prevent them from closure.

What benifits does ZeaHub offer?

No Paper Work

Physicians, organization leaders, and all the staff can create and manage value-based care, co-management, population health, and other process improvement programs on the ZeaHub platform.

Discussion Threads

Teams can send messages and communicate using ZeaHub. So, the discussions will be stored in one place. Anyone can refer to the discussion threads when needed.

Constant Communication

ZeaHub optimizes communication among team members & avoids scattered information in emails & other communication forms

Real-time Reports

ZeaHub provides reports on the fly and also integrates with PowerBI.

Knowledge Base

ZeaHub offers a knowledge base along with KPIs and a learning health system, enabling organizations and their members to share their knowledge and learn from each other’s experiences.

One-Stop Solution

With ZeaHub, healthcare organizations can envision, create & manage process improvement programs to increase operational efficiency, safety, quality, patient experience, and reduce healthcare costs.

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